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Centre of Psychologically Responsive Leadership (CPRL)

Psychologically based Support and Development for Leaders & Teams

Our aim is to use our psychological knowledge and experience to support our clients to create the most healthy, resilience and purposeful teams and organisations.

Our EVOLVING Psychologically Responsive Leadership Framework outlines key areas of our leadership work:

EVOLVING Psychologically responsive leadership
EVOLVING Leadership Illustration

Enabling Others

Vision & Values

Observing Relational Dynamics

Language & Communication

Vulnerability & Self-Reflection

Integrity & Trust

Narratives: Personal & Organisational

Generating Psychological Safety

Team Development

Team Away Days


Supervision, mentoring and coaching


Upcoming Events

The EVOLVING Leadership Podcast

In our EVOLVING Podcast series Dr Gill I’Anson and Dr Sue Knowles talk with leaders, academics and intellectual thinkers from a variety of backgrounds about their thoughts and experiences of the key elements of good, psychologically responsive leadership. The EVOLVING framework, which provides the basis for these discussions, draws upon the key aspects of leadership from an organisational and clinical psychological stance, and the available research, theory and practice knowledge.

Who Are We?

EVOLVING Leadership Dr. Gill l'Anson

Clinical Psychologist & Evolving Lead

Dr Gill I’Anson is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist (and Lead for Psychologically Responsive Leadership at CMCAFS).

Gill qualified in 2001 and worked within CAMHS services and took the lead for Paediatric Psychology within this role.  Gill worked for many years providing Expert Witness Psychological Reports for legal proceedings and provided psychological consultation to various professionals.  She has trained and worked therapeutically with children, adults and families throughout her career. Within CMCAFS Gill is the lead psychologist for our Leadership provision. She also leads on contracts with partner organisations, providing systemic psychological formulation and consultation. Gill also hosts the EVOLVING leadership podcast.   

EVOLVING Leadership Dr. Sue Knowles

Psychologist &

Dr Sue Knowles is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead for CMCAFS.
Sue has previously worked within forensic services, adolescent inpatient care, and as Clinical Lead for a national residential care organisation before joining CMCAFS in 2016, and subsequently becoming the Lead for CMCAFS. Sue has diverse experience of working with leaders, and senior leadership teams, within a range of settings including within the corporate arena, health, education and social care settings. She is also an author and keen researcher and is the co-host of the EVOLVING leadership podcast.


Our team away days can support your team in developing:

Your team Purpose, Values & Vision.

Team Connection & Collaboration

Develop your Team Agreement and produce a Team Charter for work together

Develop Psychologically Responsive Framework for your team/organisation

We have developed the PRO Audit tool, based on psychological research, theory and practice to allow us to conduct a Psychological Responsive Organisational audit of a team or organisation. This assessment involves meeting with and gathering information from/on:

You will receive a full report with advice and recommendations to support your team to embed psychologically responsive practice.

PRO Audit Illustration

EVOLVING Psychologically Responsive Leadership

We provide an in-person 8 day Leadership training course for managers or aspiring managers based on our training framework. (Please ask for more detailed information).


Psychological Safety

Understanding the key components and team tasks that can help build psychological safety in your team.

Psychologically Responsive Organisations

Training to help you understand and implement the key factors of truly Trauma-Informed & Psychologically Responsive systems.

Having difficult conversations

How to have challenging discussions well with individual staff or within our teams.